I’m looking to make cute cape/capelets for a few of the people on my gift list this year, but I’m struggling a little bit about what fabric to use (and how to find it cheap)

Wool or wool blends are an obvious choice, but what other fabrics am I not thinking of that would be good? Tweed? Flannel? Would flannel make a good cape or is it too light? Suiting fabrics? I’m also running into it where even wool blends are 20-25 a yard which makes these no longer cheap options for gifts.

I am struggling because I know there must be other options out there but it’s hard to know and to know for instance what weight it might be. One of our fabric stores closed down so I have only a single Joanns that I have to choose from or I’m ordering online without seeing/feeling.


(If it makes a difference, I am open to either lining or not lining, warmth would be nice but is not my main concern, and there will be faux fur trim. Which I could also use cheap sources on :) )

Thank you in advance as always, GT!