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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I got preapproved for a mortgage, and have been lurking on listings, and I found a house that is cute and in my price range and is in my perfect location, and the realtor sent me a property disclosure listing, which I have never even heard of and don’t really know what to do with.

The house apparently had a fire over 10 years ago (this is New Orleans, it was right after Katrina) and according to the realtor, she believes the damage has been fixed, and the property disclosure form admits there was a fire and said two insurance claims against it were filled.

But... someone talk to me about fires. Is that one of those things where they could fix it up so it looks good, but there will be some damage that comes back to bite me in the ass long term? Or since it’s fire, would it be something where they basically have to fix everything? Usually the worry here is flooding, so that I’m actually more familiar with, but fire is new :)


I know I can and will get an inspection, but those cost money and I’d like to know if its likely to be worth the effort to pay for one. They have been living there for over 10 years since it happened, if that means anything (it’s not a fancy neighborhood - Central City, if Hello My Lover or one of the other NOLA peeps are out there :) ). I can also email property disclosure if anyone is better at reading them, too!

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