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Quick HR type question help! UPDATED

My boss just sent me an email asking me to contact someone and bring them in for an initial interview!! This is super exciting because I've been here for forever and got sort of screwed over moving up into a bigger management role because the person that had it before me literally did it so badly they stopped having a manager of the department.

What is the proper protocol for inviting someone in for an interview? Is email okay or do I need to call? (Keeping in mind that it's 4:30 on a Friday afternoon here)

Eeep thanks in advance, GT!

I went ahead and emailed - I always prefer email and it seemed like it at least was at least common enough to do so I went for it. Also, I went back and searched my records to see how they original contacted me when I applied and it was via email so I figured it was copasetic :)


Thanks all, as always!

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