Welcome To The Bitchery

Quick Intro

Hi, I want to do a quick mod intro. I suddenly feel a bit....shy....

I’ve been an active member of GT for a long time. I started as a lurker back when GT was just a big open thread that was linked to from the main page. Sort of a 24/7 Saturday Night Social. Many people here know quite a bit about me. I’m pretty open, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many GT’ers in real life!

I plan to stay an active poster and member of this community. A recent dip in activity is not tied to me being a mod. I started a new job (scary!) and life is busy. I have also decided to cut back public discussion of relationship stuff until things settle. That’s not related to me taking on Mod duties. It’s just what’s right/happening for me at this time.


My primary purpose is to be a part of this community. I still read and enjoy GT as much as ever. Being a mod is on top of that and in service of this community that I love and appreciate. I work for you guys. It’s my privilege to do what I can to keep this a good place.

I’m in the US eastern time zone. I don’t check in much during my workday which is typical Mon-Friday daytime office hours. I typically read GT in the early morning while I drink coffee and read news. I’m an early riser and spend time drinking massive amounts of coffee and chilling with my dog before I can face the world.

I am mostly available and active here on evenings and weekends. I also check flags which, so far (knock on wood), works for me. However, the kinja gods are fickle. I plan to continue in the foot steps of Celia and the other mods. I’m here to help! I’m new, humble, and learning.

I’m so happy to see many new authors posting. This place is best when we have a diverse voices posting about diverse things. I love everything from the deeply person to the inane to the thoughtful and thought provoking. I always learn something from this amazing collection of strangers on the internet. I’m sure being a mod will be a new education.

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