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Quick look at a major dev't in housing law

This opinion just came down and I haven’t been able to read it yet but the quick take-away is we just scored a major win in housing. SCOTUS has decided 5-4 that to prove discrimination under the Fair Housing Act, it is sufficient to prove disparate impact—that is, housing policies may not be intentionally discriminatory BUT if they have a disproportionately adverse impact on minorities, those policies are illegal under the FHA.

Here’s the opinion if you’re interested in reading it.

The Court split along it’s standard 5-4 lines, which is Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kennedy as the swing vote (also who wrote the majority opinion) on one end, and Thomas, Scalia, Alito, and Roberts dissenting.


And in a separate case (Obamacare is law now, y’all!), Scalia made a dad joke.

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