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Quick Movie Recommend From Your Auntie Burt

Before I nod off to dream land, here's a great movie recommend from me to you.

You know how much I luhhhhhrve old Agatha Christie whodundidits (lock 12 rich weirdos up on a house, kill one of them off, and then have a fancy pants old person try to figure out who did it, and that is how you win my heart.)

This movie was a 'modern' take on that genre, way back in 1973.


"The Last of Sheila" features a collection of some of the biggest stars of that era—James Coburn, Raquel Welch, Dyan Cannon, Ian McShane (YES THAT COCKSUCKER) and the always-incredible staple of 70's films, Richard Benjamin. I like to think of Benjamin as the Kevin Spacey of the early 70's. Quirky and alluring, funny and disturbing—he just brought a special nuance to every role, especially this one.

The film opens with Sheila, the wife of wealthy millionaire James Coburn, getting mowed down by an unseen hit-and-run driver, and then picks up exactly a year after her death. Coburn invites all her friends who were there at the party that night to a trip on his yacht, to take part in a special mystery scavenger hunt. AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL.

But that's all I will tell you about the plot, except to say that the mystery and clues are put together very smartly and it all comes together in a pretty exciting way.

I saw this when I was really young, and barely understood what death was, let alone murder and murder mysteries. I just love everything about this movie, and it's still really watchable even after you've seen it enough times to know who did it.


Plus, LOOOOOOOK how amazing Dyan Cannon looks OMG


I don't think this is available anywhere except iTunes and Ye Old Video Tape Bin at the local Goodwill. But pony up the money to rent it on iTunes some night, if you can. I promise, you won't regret it.

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