Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Quick poll about a thing I'm making for my classroom

hi all!! Happy Saturday.

To combat my mounting anxiety regarding back to school (I have my first ELA unit mostly planned! And Math!! I’m going to be fine but still) I’m doing some things today. One of these is a little art project I’ve been thinking about for a bit.


Basically I like to include character education in my classroom, in the hopes of creating a safe, caring environment for my kiddos. I teach fifth grade in a very diverse city. My students struggle with healthy relationships and healthy conflict resolution, along with a whole host of other issues. I like to stress the importance of being kind, just, and respectful in and out of the classroom.

SO TL;dr I’m making a big poster that I plan to decorate and laminate, and hang prominently in my classroom. I would like this motto to be something we reference frequently, which is something I have successfully done in the past. My question, which motto should I use ?


Kindness Counts


Kindness Matters

I realize they are very similar and I am most likely overthinking this, but oh wonderful hive mind, what do you think?



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