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Quick Poll: Who Would Rent A Beautiful House In Italy?

So, I mentioned before that my family owns a gorgeous house in the Italian countryside. Pending my parents permission, I will be posting the site later today. Quick poll on who would want to have a wonderful trip! Of course this is shameless self promotion.


Some quick details:

  1. Summer: warm and wonderful!
  2. Winter: Snow. Pristine snow.
  3. Renovated. It was built in the late 19th century, but has brand new appliances and four bedrooms. All brand new!
  4. Did I mention it has a pool? And a place where you can wash your clothes?
  5. An authentic forno. That's a pizza oven. A real one. The locals will help you make pizza!
  6. Friendly locals. You can probably get a few names from my parents. Helps to have an Italian phrase book-but some of them can speak English! Also some expats.
  7. A garden. And "vineyard". I think.
  8. Right next to a national park. A legit one. Like, it's the backyard. Has a hiking trail.
  9. The town is so cute and small. Has a beautiful church, and a wonderful cafe. Pretty much untouched since the 1960s or something. But the house has wifi (I think) and there's an internet cafe.
  10. Lots of other towns to explore.
  11. Did I mention that they make all their own food? Think people that will open their homes to you to fill you up with authentic Prosciutto and other delicious food.
  12. Two hours from the Adriatic. Where you can sun like a European. So lovely!

Truly a magic place. Literally. Stories about soothsayers.

I had to share this with y'all. We love to have people experience Italy like us. Like the locals. (We're Irish but whatever-Italians love everyone).

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