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Quick post on name change and identity

I changed my name from DebbieDoesKorbenDalls back to KorbenDallasBathroomPass and just feel like mentioning why.

When I changed it before, to DDKD, I figured most people knew me on GT from the KorbenDallas part to pick up on the change (and most did). I came up with the name on a whim because ha ha, it's fun to combine names of influential pornographic films and SciFi film characters. Also, most of my contribution to this space is jokes and I want that to be clear from my name.

Recently, from people who are either new to GT or from interactions elsewhere on KinjaSpace, I've been called Debbie more often than Korben, and while I think most people around here get that the Korben part of my name better indicates my actual IRL identity of white heterosexual male I'm uncomfortable with the fact that I'm deceiving those who aren't familiar with this space.


Every once in a while I'll see discussions of online identity and race/gender/sexual/etc identity come up. How do we recognize someone is a man or woman or trans or whatever their identity is by just a name and a picture? What about conversational cues? While some people share things about their personal life that might make their identity obvious, or might outright tell us, others are more restrained. Maybe it isn't important, maybe it is.

I'm not trying to contribute much to that conversation. I'm a white dude that likes to make jokes mostly - I rarely tromp into discussions that involve deep feminist thought. I'm not someone who understands Foucalt or Derrida or bell hooks or whatever fancy pants names get occasionally dropped around here that I've seen. I took a Women Studies course in college and did a Sociology concentration. I like Anita Sarkesian videos and read Jezebel articles. My feminist vocab is probably akin to a native English speaker in first year Spanish. Second year if I happen to feel confident and the wind is blowing my way while I'm going downhill.

But that doesn't make me a dummy and I can see when I'm playing with gender identity in a way that is disingenuous. I want to participate in this community in good faith. Am I Debbie?

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