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Quick Project Runway Thoughts from Episode 3

I read the live blog, but thought I'd share my comments.

I so want to love Sandhya, I really like her personality.... but I just couldn't with that dress. I think the detail might have been more appealing in person.

Alexander was so lost, and it made me sad. Hopefully he recovers soon.

Sam and Kini were clearly safe, they barely got any camera time. I didn't even know what Kini was making. I'm glad Sam was safe, though.


Korina's smizing is painful. They were showing her opinion too often.

I found myself surprised to be coveting Kristine's jacket - it was my winner (the white thing I could take or leave - i don't wear white), and I liked the flair of the Ewok-shedding jumpsuit reveal. Emily's on my radar now. I remember liking Char's outfit a bit, too.

Angela was the right one to leave - I think her concept could have worked with a bolder color and a longer skirt. Again, we learn a lot from Tim's goodbye. His vocabulary is awesome and admirable, but I don't like quasi pronounced that way.

The wetsuit just made me freaking cringe.



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