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Quick PSA: Name Change

So I work in recruitment and I've been building a training scheme on how to track down candidates that don't want to be found. As part of it, I thought I'd show how easy it is to find where people hang out online, where messaging people you have no other contact option for may be possible - advanced Google Fu if you like.

I just did it for myself and while I don't care too much about being doxxed... holy moly I put a load of private stuff on here.

Soooo... name change in order to make things a little more difficult for someone outside looking in (I don't care too much about someone finding me FROM here, it's the other way round that has me a little worried).


Soooo... I plucked this name out of thin air and from henceforth (until I get bored) I shall be known on here as RetiredJackaroo.

Yeh... it's crap but it will serve.

ETA - probably a good thing to mention who I was before! (Minus the spaces) j e r 1 0 2

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