What's worse - just being rude, or being rude AND thoughtless?

My sister is four months pregnant, and has been having a major crisis about her plan to eventually return to work. I've been supportive, with hours-long daily chats to provide a shoulder while she works through her issues.

So today, she says, "Well, I think what I'd do is try not to put the baby into daycare until they're eight months old. So I'll be a slightly less shitty mom putting my kid in daycare so early."

She knows full well I'm going back to work when my baby is three months old.

Thanks for calling me, and most of the rest of the working world, shitty moms!

She does this a lot, like complaining to me about how fat she is when I'm probably fifty pounds heavier than her. So it was probably a just thoughtless remark and she didn't mean anything by it. And yet, this is me right now...