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Welcome To The Bitchery

After work I was on my way to my bus stop when 2 cop cars screamed past me side-by-side - "WTF" I thought, must be something serious going down. My stop was in the same direction the cops went - then I noticed 7 fucking cop cars kattycorner from my bus stop. This must be a bloody knife fight (I had not heard any shots fired), I assumed there would be blood everywhere. How often are there 7 cop cars (well, actually 5 cop cars, a paddy-wagon, and a sheriff's car) on one corner!! So I am looking for the blood and bodies and all I see are 7 cop cars, 10 cops, and one man sitting with his back to the wall and his hands behind him.

Can you guess the race of the guy who was on the ground? Can you guess the race of the cops?


This was rage-inducing and I am a white guy. I walked up to a couple guys and asked/stated "isn't that a lot of cop cars for one guy?!" They turned away and one said "I have to leave or I will have a rage-stroke"

Seattle PD has been under DoJ orders to get its shit together and stop all that profiling and shit.

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