So the schedule starts over tomorrow and we don't have a schedule. I assume it's the same as last week, but my coworker needs Saturday and Sunday off and there's nobody to work it. I open those days so I told him that if the schedule is the same, that I would work doubles those days if he worked my other days. But seriously, the GM gets super pissy abput everything and then doesn't do her job. In other news, I went to the JCP Sephora to pick up some finishing powder and talked to the assistant manager and briefly to the manager. They said they finally got enough applicants so they'll be doing interviews very soon, and they don't have a hair color policy! the assistant manager seemed really interested in me, so that's really exciting since she's the one I'll be working with at first since the manager is going on maternity leave. I'll be putting up my brush review in Tallahassee a couple hours, but I'll share it again in the morning since it'll be kind of late. I'll also be reviwing the Make Up Forever 12 Flash color Xase, and Too Faced's Primed and Poreless powder over the next day or so. I'll also be doing a peacock themed tutorial soon, and tomorrow I'm going to see how some of my long wearing products stack up against Florida's humidity and working a full shift in food service.