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I've just ordered a bunch of oils to do my patented "Big Ol' Mix O' Oils and For the Love of God Let My Hands Actually Keep some of This Goddamn Moisturizing" hand care regimen, and I was curious:

Normally, I put on the oil, then a cream that I love (Villainess, represent) then gloves. But I've heard some talk that it should be the other way around? Have I been moisturizing wrong this whole time???

So is it:

Oil THEN cream THEN gloves


Cream THEN oil THEN gloves?

This is obviously very very important. Lives hang in the balance, countries could collapse, etc etc.


Thank you!

Also, does anyone else have a hard time with gloves? My hands get overwarm too quickly so I can't sleep with them on. Just have to let it absorb as much as I can then take them off.

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