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Quick, tasty, healthy?

Is it possible to have all three? I work a crazy schedule, and don't often have time for lunch. Sometimes I don't even have time for breakfast before I leave in the morning (like today, when boss calls me at 7:45 telling me I need to be on the other side of the island by 9). I've given up on packing healthy lunches because I'm in a car all day, and even when I pack something in the cooler, there is absolutely no where to park and eat here (Hawaii is freaking crazy about parking, and don't even try to find a public restroom) if I even have time to eat it. So I try to eat healthy and cheap for lunch, but it's usually something off the "dollar" menu (here it's the $1.99 menu most places) or plate lunch scarfed down as fast as I can before I have to be somewhere else. If I don't buy something somewhere, I don't have anywhere to park. I get home anywhere between 5 and 8 PM, and then I have homework which usually takes a few hours.

So right now it's 7:15, and I'm eating a can of Hormel chili because I was starving and I have a paper due in a few hours and no time to cook. I've gained a crazy amount of weight and I feel so unhealthy because I just don't have the time or energy at the end of the day to put something together that's healthy and edible. I live on pasta and other quick prep foods (sandwiches, salads if I had lunch and am not famished) Monday through Friday.


So...I guess I'm asking for ideas or recipes or help. I'm getting super sick of salad + pasta or sandwich + salad. I need to seriously cut back on food costs, so cheap is necessary, too. I have a Costco membership, if that helps.

Edit: I also should add that I do not have a full size oven, just a little convection one that holds an 8x8 pan. I do not have a full size stove top either, so no big pots either. I have a microwave.

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