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Quick! Unnatural hair color help!

My hair hasn't been fully its natural color since I was 12. I've only had it professionally colored once. Sometimes it's obvious that I do it myself, other times people ask me who my colorist is, so it's cool.

I have a friend who is being treated for cancer (fuuuuck cancer, y'all) and she said she's always wanted blue streaks in her hair, and now she has the excuse she's looking for, as blue is the ribbon color for the cancer she has. So I spent the evening over at her place, we bleached, we hung out, had dinner, put in the blue and I left her with instructions to wash it out when she was too tired to keep it in any longer.


She just sent me a couple pics and called to say she loves how it turned out, but has concerns about the color transferring to her not-blue hair. I'm kind of at a loss, so naturally, I'm turning to GT! In all my experience, I've never had a semi natural color that was lighter than the unnatural color. My hair is naturally very dark brown and anything lighter than a medium brown looks awful on me, so I don't have experience with it. My friend has dirty blonde hair with lighter blonde highlights through the top half. I recommended that she use a heat sealer product on the blue part, since it has silicone in it, and to try conditioner washing in cold water. That's about all I can think of at the moment. What say you? Any blonde + color havers around here with advice? Here's the no face picture of the color, she promised to send me a pic, but wants to actually "do" her hair before sharing a picture with the rest of the world (Facebook).

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