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Quick update

A few weeks ago I found a new position at a progressive private school. Sorry, I’ve been scarce, I am just trying to survive until the end of the current school year. This has really sucked.

I am excited about the new opportunity, but I still feel really burned by how my current position worked out. I trusted my principal and now I feel pretty naive. I made a post about how proud of myself I was four days before they made me stay two hours late to tell me I wasn’t a good fit for the school. In retrospect, I put up with way too much and they took advantage.

I was getting physically assaulted by a student for days on end. That student was transferred to another class, with a tenured teacher, and now they are not allowed in that classroom without an adult staying within arms reach. I did not have that support. My students and I just got hurt until I raised a bigger stink.


On Thursday we had an all-staff meeting and I watched him stand up there and talk about how we are all a community and shit before launching some team-building exercise. After a few minutes, I just took some extra snacks and left.

15 school days left. I love my co-workers, I love my students, but it doesn’t matter. In California, you can get a non-renewal for any reason (or for no reason) until March 15th of your second year.

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