Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, Daughter's stuff remains at kind of a standstill. She started (minimal) classes and has (predictably) had some real issues with ptsd on-campus but is trying her best to soldier through. :\ She hasn't filed a new complaint for the taping, and frankly right now I'm starting to wonder if she will. It's been "nice" to have a break for a bit after the last go round. The campus pd investigation is supposedly ongoing, but after reading of the acquittal in the trial against Hippiechick's assailant I am faltering in the face of Daughter having to keep dragging this out. I don't quite know what to do right now except let Daughter lead.

I guess I'm also taking some time to work through stuff, which explains why I've been largely persona non grata, but I guess you can't babble on the internet a bunch when you're licking your wounds. Ask Bumblecat, she'll tell you. It's srs bz.


Anyway, love y'all. I've been lurking and reading your comings and goings (well, that's weird) and miss ya.

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