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Welcome To The Bitchery

Update: I asked Husband, sorta nonchalantly, what I should tell the recruiter. Him: “We’d have to... move?” Me: “Why do you think I haven’t jumped all over this yet?” Him: “To where again?” Me: “XX.” Him: “Oh. Ugh.” Me: “Yeah, your best shot for jobs would be [small capital city with decent industry] or [much bigger city Husband happens to hate].” Him: “Well.”

So yeah. Not promising. Nor did it give me any direction whatsoever.


Over the weekend, I saw a senior staff position open up in my field. It’s at a publication where I am acquainted with a couple people, and one of the top staffers follows me on Twitter.


I decided to ignore the post, because it would require moving (to an area/state I would actually LOVE to move to).

Yesterday I got an email from this publication’s HR team, asking if I would consider relocating and how they could “convince me to apply for the position.”


*sigh,* you guys. This is one of my dream jobs, and moving straight-up isn’t an option. Not with the house, and my husband’s job, etc.

I guess it’s... nice to know they want me? Positive spin, right?

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