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Quickie Review: Marvel Essential Ghost Rider Volume 1

This book covers his first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #5 through 12 along with his first 20 issues of his own title plus a Daredevil crossover.

The book started really good the spotlight books through book 9 of his own series was by far the best. He also had the best archvillian Witch Woman. A fantastic character that should have been used more. She was the first college graduate from a poor Native American reservation and she returned right after GR fought her father an elder who could manipulate snakes and venom.


She wanted to help her Reservation but also served Satan and her orders were to kill Ghost Rider. She had the same skills as Ghost Rider but unlike him she was not leery about using Hellfire etc.

Yeah she was capable of great evil but she also seemed like a grey character.

Oddly she reninded me a bit of Black Widow in Marvel Essentials Iron Man Volume 1. She started out as a really good villian but you could see she also could be grey. Well we all know her as a Marvel Superhero.


I notice a trend her Marvel nor DC in 60s or 70s never really could commit with making a totally evil female villian. Catwoman, Black Widow, Witch Woman, Scarlet Witch, even Poison Ivy she even protected children during No Man’s Land and since became a quasihero. No Man’s Land was the 90s.

Past book 9 of Ghost Rider’s own series you have a couple of standalones. Some were dumb like GR vs the shark. The ghost of the world war one pilot versus a former German pilot seemed to have been a rejected House of Mystery tale that wandered into Marvel storyboard.


GR working with Stuntmaster for a tv show in LA featured for two episodes the lamest villian The Orb. Also Roxanne GR’s oldest friend somehow in a stuntwoman’s body made zero sense.

During his time in LA which was the last 7 books plus Daredevil crossover one thing that was totally annoying. The stories would mention his work with The Champions yet these stories were not included.


These books absolutely had a 1970s feel to them. One character that gets included is Damien Hellstrom who was in GR1 and 2 plus Spotlight #12. These books plus all the Hellstrom Spotlight (11?) and Son of Satan comics (there are 8) plus comics of his sister Satanna are in the book Marvel Essential Horror Volume 1. This Essential is actually my favorite one.

I paid $12 dollars for ME Ghost Rider V1 and V2 plus DC Showcase Jonah Hex V2 at a used book store about 10 days ago. I already have Jonah Hex Volume 1 which I am now reading.


Note: Essentials and DC Showcases are all gigantic comic collections often 25 to 30 comics BUT are in black and white. I don’t mind but some do.

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