Still sick & heartbroken, like most of us are, I’m sure. Still sorting the rage & grief to try to find words, as most of you may be, too. I’m with you all in that regard but I’m going to try to say what I’ve been thinking and open a place tonight where you can say what you’ve been thinking, too. I want to talk with you all.

Clementine Rountree wrote this and she’s right. We all know/knew “thoughts & prayers” are an empty set & it has been FOREVER, but it bears repeating what she articulated in her post. Again & again, every single time a person shows their ass*, respond in kind. Every single time a person defends a semi~automatic rifle to execute innocent people, respond in kind. Every single time the blame is placed on anything else but the ease of which any one of us can arm ourselves with a semi~automatic rifle, respond in kind. Every single time the color & orientation of the victims are weighed against the color & religion of the shooter, respond in kind. Every single time.

I didn’t equate orientation and/with religion because we all know how that plays out in real life.

Every single time the Christian, Tea Party, Extremist Right demonizes the Muslim Community as a whole, respond. And now, with the seeds the Fox, Tea Party, Christian, Fire~Drill Republicans have sown coming full~beanstalk with Trump, a vast swath of ignorant white America has totally climbed that stalk. They’re reaping what they’ve sown, yet all of us are paying the price & will continue to do so.

As bad as all that, let’s not glide over the stolen narrative.

Making this about Islam, and stealing the narrative. Making this about foreign Islam and stealing the narrative (Murderer was born in NY.) Making this about “The Crazies” they never want to care for in any meaningful way and stealing the narrative. Making this about Obama, and stealing the narrative. Making this about Immigration and stealing the narrative. Making this about Gun Rights and stealing the narrative.


No. One million times NO. This was a targeted attack on the LBGTQ Community, full stop. Also, what seems to be missing in reports, the LATINO LGBTQ Community, so double full stop. THAT is the fucking narrative.

Did the shooter have an agenda of religious fervor & a history of abuse? Yes. Is that what we should be focusing on as the “cause?” No. In my (amateur) opinion, the ease with which he could be vetted as an armed security guard & get a semi~automatic rifle in 3 days is what has gone wrong. That every mass shooter in my long lifetime was either given a gun or bought one with ease is the fucking problem.


It allows the worst of us to kill the best of us. If twenty 5 year olds & seven teachers in Connecticut didn’t change the bullshit “Converstion about Guns” in this country, nothing will.

“Our thoughts and prayers are for the families affected by this terrible tragedy” is no longer a pathetic, pacifying option. It’s now a sickening refrain from those who would arm every American with a semi~automatic rifle in the name of an archaic article which is nothing near what that article of the Constitution meant.


*I went completely batshit on a few people today, family ties or friendship be damned. I have a voice, too, and shut their shit down; their voices should not go unchallenged for the sake of harmony all the fucking time.