While browsing around on the internet one day. I found this website that offers sex education for teenage girls. VERY BAD SEX EDUCATION THAT ENCOURAGES RAPE AND DATE RAPE DRUGS.

Here are some gems:

A girl who does not want sex will clearly state her intentions and say "NO". You should respect that request.

Most girls will say softer things โ€“ such as they aren't sure โ€“ or maybe we should wait. These statements reflect a girl not being totally sure emotionally she is ready even though her body is craving intercourse. Unless she is clearly saying no, its best to simply proceed with penetration. The complaints will stop as your penis fills her vagina and she loses the last of her emotional control to the purely physical feelings of the moment. [Source]

A "testimony" on date rape drugs:

Dennis: I helped her open up wide and I raped her. I didn't use a condom. She responded a bit but her eyes never opened. I don't think she had an orgasm. I think she was just having a dream about sex while I did it to her. After I was finished, I put her panties back on to help hold my sperm inside her vagina.

Tara: I have no memory of the sperm getting inside me. I've never had sperm left inside before. It felt weird to wakeup and have it in me with no memory. I was scared but Dennis gave me a pill to take to make sure I didn't get pregnant. [Source]


They also tacitly approve getting pregnant at 14 just to feel what it's like. And following it up with an abortion:

Q: My sister is 17 and she just had an abortion. She said the abortion wasn't fun but being pregnant was. She was 18 weeks when she had her abortion and she looked so cool with her bump. Mom made her get an abortion but my sister is OK with it now. She said she could feel her baby kicking just before they gave her the shot for the pain. So I guess the baby wasn't happy about being aborted.

A: Next up is getting pregnant just to see what its like. Do girls do that? They sure do. Is it a great idea? Well โ€“ like your virginity it's a choice you make. Abortion does have some risks, just like having a baby has risks. Of course, riding in a car also has risks. Far more people die from riding in a car then from having an abortion, so its rather safe.
Being pregnant feels really cool.
As you sister has told you, she loved how it felt to be knocked up. Chances are you will too if she did. Sisters tend to be pretty similar in what they like.Keep in touch.
If you do end up pregnant, you are welcome to share your experience so others can use it to decide if they want to try the same thing. [














So other fourteen year olds can have sex and get pregnant and an abortion just to feel what it's like.

Feel free to read them and see if they help with your question. If they don't or if you just want to know more โ€“ ask your own question. It will be answered by a health care professional.



I got my sex education by gathering information around the internet. It pains me to think that children are learning from this site.