Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Very quiet day in the office. Slightly boring - it’s a half holiday in my city and our customers seem to respect that. Whereas we get the option of working through this half holiday and another one later in summer to combine them and have an extra free day to take whenever we want.

Today’s half holiday is to celebrate the official end of winter by burning a winter effigy on a pyre (and lots of other traditions around that, but for me that’s the important bit). The effigy’s head is filled with explosives. The time from starting the fire to the head’s explosion is always measured and is by superstition an indicator of how the summer will be. The shorter the time between ignition and explosion the hotter and better the summer will be.

How’s your day going? A good start of the week?

ETA: we have a new record. It took the effigy 43 minutes and 35 seconds to explode. The last time this was even close was in the 70es with 40 minutes. Usually there would have been about 30 liters of petrol to help the fire along, today it was a good 100 liters and it still took longer than ever. So.... either the summer will be really shitty or brilliant and hot. Number one is superstition number two is statistics from about the last 100 years.


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