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Checking into GT this morning, I notice that the majority of posts recently are about the orange-haired troll toy of death, or events related to the orange-haired troll toy of death. And while discussing political stuff is important, I think it is also important to just take a moment and talk about things unrelated to all the stress and anxiety politics bring. Groupthink is a calming spot for me, and I assume it is for others too; so this post is for people to talk about whatever we want, as long as it’s not the horrifying marshland that is the American political system. Quietness and tiny happy things rule the day here.

(I hope this doesn’t cause offense to people who are posting about him; I like reading what you write, but I just need a momentary lull to quell anxiety.)

I’ll start with the quiet happy things. I’ve been researching digital embroidery lately, and I keep coming back to Terry Dresbach’s work on Outlander as just being sublime. Her blog is sent from heaven, and the pieces she shows on it—both made for the show and found for inspiration—have given me so many ideas for my own projects.




The Outlander team uses digital embroidery machines in order to complete their massive workload on time, but all of this is based on actual pieces worn during the 1700s. Can you imagine some man or woman sitting by a fire and completing anything like this beauty by hand? It’s astounding what human beings can do.

Fill the comments with your own favorite happy things. :)

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