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Quiet sexism?

I don't want to get into it on the original io9 article, but there's a really interesting thing happening on the io9 post re: a short preview clip for Cuarón's new movie "Gravity." One of the astronauts in the movie (which sounds like it might be astounding) is played by Sandra Bullock, and probably half the comment threads were started by people saying they "can't imagine" her as an astronaut, or "oh, good, it sounds like she'll die," or how the movie will just be ruined because of her presence. And I just cannot think of a time that a guy received response like this re: ability to play a particular broad class of person. What gets me is that most of us really admire Cuarón's work — if he cast Bullock in the role, shouldn't we trust that? Anyway, maybe I'm just kneejerking and have my blinders on or whatever, and certainly this is not the most important thing to be upset about this morning, but it really interests me how quickly the conversation turned that way.


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