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Follow up to yesterday’s post:

(Just to be clear, my boss was saying those things to me. I said almost nothing, because I was going to pass out with rage.)

I sent an email last night around 9pm saying I was taking today off to think things over, to which I received no reply.


I spent today gathering my references (my boss from my last job is sad he can’t hire me back because they’re fully staffed), polishing my resume, and applying to four jobs. I’ve got another several ready to send in tomorrow, and I’m contacting my network about gigs. Overall, I’m fairly confident in my ability to find work. (I also made oatmeal, did the dishes and laundry, went to the pharmacy, and made soup, but who’s bragging?)

Tonight around 8pm I get an email from my other boss (berating boss’ husband) asking what my work plans are. I reply about 20 minutes later with a polite, immediate resignation. No reply. I go to unfollow him on Facebook, and he has already unfriended me. Truly, the epitome of maturity and class.

My co-manager and I were texting and she said that they gave her the impression that the ball was in my court, which is why they didn’t contact me although they said they would. Which seems completely crazy to me. You send an employee home after berating her, tell her you’re going to call, and decide it’s her job to get in contact with you? What the hell?

All of their behavior is making it clearer and clearer that quitting was the right thing to do. It’s like they’ve never been in leadership positions before, and are reacting without thinking.

Finally, a poll: would it be wildly inappropriate to send the following to staff members’ personal email addresses?

“Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that, for the very pedestrian reason of differences in expectation, I have resigned my position at [the business], effective immediately. You are all wonderful people and it was a true pleasure to work with you. I hope we cross paths again, and you can always reach me at my phone (xxxxxxxxx) and by email. I wish only the best for [the business] and the whole team, and I hope the coming year brings every success.



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