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This was a fun question to write for a methods quiz:

1. (3 points) You are approaching the tunnel on Rte. 15 when you realize that there is an accident ahead of you and that traffic has stopped. You use your brakes to slowly bring your car to a halt, as does the driver behind you. As far as you can see, Rte. 15 is a bumper-to-bumper parking lot. You pick up your phone to check how far the block extends when, suddenly, the car behind you slams into your trunk with considerable force, causing $6,000 of damage to your car. Which of the following is probably true?

A. The driver behind you fell asleep.

B. The car behind you is analogous to an antecedent variable.

C. The car behind you is analogous to an intervening variable.

D. The car behind you is a Tesla Roadster, which can accelerate to 60 MPH in less than two seconds.


E. None of the above.

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