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What shows aren’t streaming that you really wish would be? Mine are Everwood, Third Watch, Avonlea, & Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place. I’m hoping that by the time Guardians of the Galaxy collides with The Avengers, Everwood will be streamable.


Third Watch was a soapy procedural about New York first-responders: fire, EMTs, & police. It was the “Chicago-verse” but in NYC and it only took an hour of your week, instead of, what, four now? Maurice Boscarelli was my grad school imaginary boyfriend—which is saying something, because it was also the era of Logan Echolls.

I mostly caught the show in reruns on A&E at midnight. It doesn’t air anymore, and just the first 2 seasons are on DVD, last I checked. There was some great tv in that show, and I really want to have the chance to review it, and remember who I was when I watched it the first time.


It was pretty solid on the representation-front, too, and would be good to see nowadays, too.

Avonlea was the Further Adventures in the World of Anne of Green Gables, set on Prince Edward Island circa 1904, and I loved it to pieces. Gus Pike was a pretty solid first crush of mine. He lived at the lighthouse! By his lonesome!


And Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place, well....


I just don’t understand how the fandoms haven’t demanded it by now.

What are yours? I’m sure there’s lots that arent’ streaming that should be. Do tell your faves!

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