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Quiz: Who is Your British Celebrity Husband?

Obvs. perfect quiz for the male-inclined GTers among us. Thanks BBC America (and the Fug Girls for linking this)!

As for me, I got Colin Firth. (SPOILER: Here’s the description.)

You are someone that likes things done soberly and properly, a preference that Mr. Firth shares utterly. He is also an ideal match for your bookish tendencies and your sly, hidden sense of humor. Other people like to trumpet their sense of fun with elbows in ribs and loud, braying laughs. You two are keener on a dry aside and a smirk, because that’s where the real comedy lies.

Mr. Firth is also a devotee of the fine arts, and a man of impeccable breeding. He will be your escort to the ballet, to the theater, to the opera, to art galleries and to the symphony. He will not take you to a rave or challenge you to a shot-drinking competition, and he will not embarrass you in public by attempting to dance upon a table. He is, in short, your dream husband, whether he’s making a cup of tea or emerging from a swim in a lake on a hot day.


Umm, yay! Definitely within my top 3 on that list. <3 <3 <3 Who’d you get, GT?

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