Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

One of my friends is pregnant, so a group of us are making her a quilt. We each get two squares, one for something longer, like a quote or advice or such. The other is a word. Now, I’m outsourcing the work.

I am looking for something Harry Potter, since my friend and I first bonded over Harry Potter fan fiction. But anything geeky would be good. I also tend to be sarcastic and a little obnoxious. I jokingly asked the lady in charge of putting together the quilt if “Party Like It’s 1999” is a good advice. :-P


As for the word, suggested words were boring things like Dream, Read, Play, etc.....Nice sentiments, but boring. I want a word that is nice sentiments, but not *yawn* and cheesy. I was told I can’t use defenestrate. Promulgate, another favorite of mine, is also not acceptable. Help me find a good word (it doesn’t have to be big, just not boring).

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