I know Carolyn Gracie who is my second fav on QVC probably has no control over when she does her Carolyn's Gardening Partty but really selling gardening stuff when most of the nation is cold and snow on the ground. I realize people.buy stuff for their gardens prior to summer but could this have aired late February not midJanuary. This is almost as bad as Christmas in July. Also the guest was so dull. I watched for ten minutes got bored then went to CNN. Carol Costelle all but called a priest an idiot for pushing the rythm method. They were discussing the Pope saying couples should not breed like rabbits. The priest being interviewed said couokes should be responsible and use the rhythm method, Carol responded.with it does not work and her relatives.have a lot of.kids. I had a teacher in the Catholic.college.I went to and said this form of birth control was the birth control to use if you wanted to get pregnant. This was for a Human Sexuality course, she refused to teach about this method of bc so had the school priest do it, she kept rolling her eyes when he talked.