He died about hour ago and a half ago, more or less in his sleep.

He was nearly twenty, and had an astonishingly great life; he had 3 dogs; the first was his “dog mom” and he adored her, and he helped raise more than one kitten. He loved other cats, and I would say that I had to get him a kitten every year, because they grew up, but he never did.

He started to slow down about a year ago, and I saw a sharp decline in the last week., although he was still interested in his special treats (warm milk, cheese, yogurt) but as of Friday, he really wasn’t eating, so I was expecting this, and as I said to Garden Marvel last night, I was preparing for “the decision” this weekend. It’s been taken out of my hands.

This is the second oldster I’ve lost in 6 months; Arletty went in the fall, at 18 years. Here they are together;


Here he’s claimed the dog’s pink dinosaur toy


And yes, I’m sad, but it wasn’t a life cut short, and he was a very happy cat, almost to the end.