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r/relationships fail

What the fuck is with these comments? r/relationships is always the first to bring out the pitchforks anytime somebody cheats because “the whole relationship is based on a lie!!!!” but when somebody makes a “bet” that all of their friends know about, they’re all like “hey, he probably really likes you now, so you should totally be cool with it!” This isn’t a fucking romcom! Even if this isn’t real (I mean, does this stuff actually happen in real life?) and even though she should obviously break up with him regardless of the bet thing, what the hell is with people’s reactions to this? Just because somebody likes you (because they stayed with you even though the bet was over!) doesn’t mean they aren’t a dickweed.


In other news, the Constable and I are totally sick here in Puerto Rico, but starting to feel better and will hopefully be going snorkeling/boating in a bioluminescent bay tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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