They provide unflinching support for a pedophile who masturbates to videos of seven year old girls in leotards (and reproach the wife for reacting “coldly” to that discovery) but a woman “FWB” who has feelings for the man who’s using her for sex is a crazy, stupid bitch who you should go “no contact” with and a comment suggesting that “FWB” is a misnomer that obviously has nothing to do with friendship gets down voted into oblivion.

Huh. It’s a confusing place. What internet place confuses you?

Edit: In a perfect piece of juxtaposition, there’s an update about a woman whose fiance called off their wedding because of a sex tape of her online that was sent to him by her vindictive ex. She’s being iced by everyone in her life for a little sex and people are like BUT WHY DIDNT YOU TELL HIM YOU WERE A PORN STAR HUH