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Raccoon Update

I think catching the raccoon last weekend may have scared off the raccoon couple nesting under my house. It has been a quiet week.

Around 1:30 am yesterday, my husband went outside and found one in the trap. It looks smaller than the one I caught last Friday. He shove a planter against the door so it couldn't force the door like the other one did. Mr. Moxie said when he first saw him it was laying on its back, back legs in the air, grooming its stomach. I don't know why he doesn't get pictures of these things. I totally wanted to see that.


The animal control officer took it, cage and all and released it on a wooded area on the other side of town. She said that it is possible that the original raccoons relocated, but raccoons go where they smell other raccoons. I'm not sure why this one was trapped. It didn't even eat all of the corn. It must have just been curious.

We have the trap out again, but I'm going to go today and get some ammonia and tennis balls. One of the suggestions I have found was to soak the balls in ammonia and throw them into the space to make it an undesirable place to live. I think that might work with the feral cats as well. It will be a quick fix until we can afford to fix the skirting or move.

Also, hospital census is so low that I was invited to take Thursday and Friday, as well as Monday off. Today plans include buying stuff for dinner, pre-making as much as possible so my husband can make it with one arm, and sneaking off to see an afternoon movie by myself.

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