With the resurgence of the news R Kelly's rapes, bloggers and commentors have suggested that he was forgiven because the victims were black, and therefore were quickly forgotten about, and R Kelly was forgiven.

Previously, witch Chris Brown's abuse of Rhianna, bloggers and commentors suggested that he has not been forgiven because he is a black man.

Clearly guilt and forgiveness do not have to be an either/or situation, same goes for racism. In both cases neither men appear to have shown true remorse, sought help 0r shown that they have changed. In both cases the victim(s) were black. In both cases, the victim(s) went back to the perpetrator. Obviously in one case the victim is famous, while the others aren't. Also, in one case it is domestic violence, the other is rape.

While both or their careers seem to be doing not too bad, it would seem there is more forgiveness/forgetfulness in the general population for Kelly.

Please forgive me if I'm jumping all over the place with my thoughts, but I would love to hear peoples thoughts on what's been rattling through my head as I work today.