...I want more of that — more of people recognizing that distaste for their show isn't an indictment of them, and that when people fail to take pleasure in something someone else loves, it isn't a moral failure.

Brown Broads, White TV. On Broad City.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Has a race problem.

Fresh off the Boat plays to stereotypes.


*I rarely add commentary but I wanted to mention that I'm sharing these links here not to indict these particular shows or people that watch them (I enjoy two of these shows and will probably watch and enjoy the third). 99% of the TV shows that we watch are problematic in one form or another (ie AHS, Duggars, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, etc etc) and you can be aware of these issues, and like or dislike the shows, so keep that in mind! I wanted to share issues that discuss race/gender.

The woman who led the black panther party.


Western feminism treats Somali and Ethiopian women as victims and barometers of regional violence.

The black and white of Sundance.


Why is South Korea the plastic surgery capital?

Talking to baristas about race. (by Beejoli)


Hebrew living, gendered language.