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I saw this over at ONTD. If this doesn't illustrate the otherness of people of color, I don't know what does. You see, anytime non-white people get together, it's obviously race based....no wait, I didn't mean that. I mean, it's all about diversity!

Will there ever be a day when a person of color can just exist?


Sources: ONTD, Revised USAToday Article

ETA: Twitter is going hard on USAToday with #USATODAYBREAKINGNEWS. Here are some of my faves...


ABC brings in race-themed actress Kerry Washington to headline show about fixing white-themed problems #USATODAYBREAKINGNEWS



#USATODAYBREAKINGNEWS Stores reveal their "Race Themed" Friday shopping list and hours.



@zellieimani: #USATODAYBREAKINGNEWS Best Man Holiday soars to number one by exploring race themes such as love, hope and humor


@DCPlod: Damn black people, making everything about race even when they don't mention anything to do with race at all. #USATODAYBREAKINGNEWS

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