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Rachel Held Evans is Calling Out #WomenAgainstFeminism

Rachel Held Evans, progressive Christian and awesome person, just posted a response to the #WomenAgainstFeminism tag that's been making the rounds. The takedown she did of that hashtag was glorious.

Some choice quotes:

Because in the time it took you to take a selfie with a sign declaring that the world doesn't need feminism (about four minutes) two more American women were sexually assaulted, nearly 100 American women were abused, four women worldwide died giving birth, eight little girls were trafficked for sexual exploitation...

Feminism isn't about hating men. Feminism is about restoring the dignity of women for the betterment of society.

Because women who were raped are still asked, "What were you wearing?"

Because I can't count the number of times I've been called a whore, bitch, cunt, slut, or feminazi because of my theological or political views.

Because feminism has given women in the U.S. access to higher education, the voting booth, contraception, and property rights, and is still so misunderstood that women themselves say they have no use for it.


Then, for the mic drop:

Because feminism is the radical notion that women are human, and that vision hasn't been fully realized yet.

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