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Rachel Maddow presents a timeline of Trump inciting violence

This is sickening. I’ve never seen a collection of it all in a row like this. Maddow’s people time stamp clips of Trump’s violent rhetoric (and she pops in for commentary every so often). It sent chills down my spine.

Stray thoughts:

  • How often he is “othering” people. He is speaking solely from an us vs. them standpoint, “us” being Americans and “them” being some sort of intruder Americans (presumable non-white people). He does not consider the protesters American, I suppose.
  • “Get ‘em out” - repeating this over and over again, I think he is trying to brand it like “you’re fired.” Obviously he just doesn’t mean, get them out of the rally.
  • He literally rants about how after a protester shot up the middle finger, and people got violent, the press wasn’t angry enough at the protester and blamed everything on the violent people. Umm...yes.
  • He talks about political correctness as if it is some sort of infringement on rights (which, I mean, I know that’s what these people think). It’s just strange to hear the words said like that in a more coherent way than from the spittle-drenched mouth of an old idiot (at least for me).
  • He seems to think protesting has ruined this country, talking about how in the old days they wouldn’t have come back a second time because of (presumably) someone showing them their place or retaliating properly or something.

So, like, as much as I hate to participate in handing Trump the microphone, we need to take him way more seriously than “he crazy, LOL” and “well I’m glad I know who my racist neighbors are now” and whatever. We need to stop assuming he can’t be president. We need to start mentally preparing for what if he actually is the nominee (which is more likely everyday), and what if he actually wins the Presidency (which seems unlikely but so far he has proven us wrong at every turn).

Furthermore, this is not a what-if: regardless of how Trump fares from here on out in the election, a base of white supremacists is mobilized, motivated, and fearless. He will not be the last leader in this revival of white supremacy and anger. If he is unsuccessful in his bid for president, his movement will not putter out.



Trump-related bonus points: this Nazi woman’s husband is claiming that she did the Nazi solute because others were doing it back at her, but wrong, so she was just showing them how it’s done. She, being German, was annoyed about the comparison and decided they just don’t know what they are talking about. Because learning (?).


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