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Rachel Maddow Tonight Was A Must Watch kinda gross though

She talked about the new Isokoff/Corn book about Trump and interviewed them. The first ten odd minutes she talked to us alone. Wow.

She went into the Steele Dossier the part about the golden shower in Moscow also his Las Vegas Golden ShowerIn Moscow he rented a hotel room in which the Obamas stayed four years earlier and stayed in the exact same suite. The suite in which the Golden Shower may have happened. This is important since I think its only partly sexual.

I found it super odd he would stay in the same room the Obamas stayed in. He despises Barack and Michelle. I in fact find the GS story believable now not as a sexual act but as an act of desecration. Rachel mentioned and had photo evidence of him with his Russian friends at a nightclub. Now I did not get this part since my mother asked “do these women pee on command or do they hold it in and drink lots of water”. I said I assume that’s what they do.


Now at this nightclub were college aged women peeing in each other and I am not sure if Rachel said also Trump or what. Why look at end of last paragraph.

She also showed a Q&A in 2015 in which Trump answered questions at a religious event. He “happened” to pick a woman from all places Russia and was asked about the sanctions. Trump well this was a prepared answer saying he knows Putin and how Obama hates everyone and we will have a great relationship with Russia.

It looked too pat and too rehearsed..

If you can watch tonights show do it even if its just the starting segment.

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