I have been following the stories of racism shown at Fenway Park about racist fans and how it appears Boston sports fans are probably the worst.

Yet Boston is just a small city geographically and population may be highest in New England but I believe on the low end of cities with population.

I have been pondering what about the rest of us? New England racists may not set fire to crosses on folks lawns or lynch. Yet it does not mean racist beliefs and thinking does not persist it does.

Growing up and still living in a very white area. I recall and still know about racism. Really its hard not to hear a racist comment or racist behavior at a flea market some dealers really despise selling to Hispanics. Why? Belief that Hispanics try to get the items for next to nothing (all customers do btw).

Yet growing up in the 1970s there was a great influx in North Central Mass. of Cambodians fleeing Pol Pot. People not living in those communities were mad and thought it would mean high crime, rampant welfare and drugs.


Since  late 90s racism about Hispanics and constant drumbeat I hear that Hispanics brought drugs and crime that New England would be drug free and tiny crime rate if they did not come. Sigh so idiotic and racist thinking.


Now I have no idea how it ranks with rest of nation. I think we New Englanders are kidding ourselves to say we are not racist.