I adjusted my Cl ad and put it under the Women for Men section to see if I'd get any more responses. Today I got this gem:

"Another fat Latina on cl yuk. Latinas are fart machines yuk".

More than likely this is just a bot or something, but still.

I won't even mention how when I used to post that my ad would get flagged and removed and I bet it was because someone was not ok with me saying that I was a Latina looking for another Latino. I got a message at one point from someone saying I was a dirty wetback and other slurs used to describe Latinos/Mexicans.

So in reference to my other post: men will make it known that they LOVE you, but they will also make it known that they think you're fat and yucky and all that because of your ethnicity. Because remember, the opinion of White men is the default opinion.