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News outlets are reporting this morning that the woman pictured above walked into her local McDonald's in Richmond (a "Greater Vancouver" suburb in Western Canada), ordered a hot chocolate and received a mocha. When she tried to correct the error, the Manager told her that they couldn't understand her English and that no one could help her because they didn't speak Mandarin (she speaks English and conducted her interview in English). She was then asked to leave because there was a line behind her waiting to be served. She did not get her drink replaced.

But is this racism, according to her fellow Canadians? Oh, no — it's just another case of an Asian person in Canada not learning the gosh durned language and expecting the world to cater to them.


If you're saying, "Wait, Pope, no — this is totally racism," you're wrong. Because Vancouver isn't racist. Any white Vancouverite is happy to tell you that.

Which is why comments like this gem:

Lack of English language proficiency is the MAIN reason immigrants - especially professionals have difficulty getting jobs here in their own profession. Why? because they don't know all the English terms in their profession. Do you want a doctor not being able to communicate with home grown Canadian doctors?

There was a case a few years ago in Toronto whereby a married professional couple from Latin America came to Canada. The husband spoke better English and got a job here. His wife did not speak fluent English and couldn't get hired in her profession. The story went that she was going to sue the government for inviting her to Canada and wouldn't employ her. She wanted a huge sum of money.

Great vacation for that couple. Come to Canada for a little bit, can't find a job because you can't speak the language, sue the government and go home with lots of bucks!

I hear a dozen languages in my mall food court every day. No one has any loyalty to their adopted country. Canada is just a piece of real estate to hang your hat and carry on with your own language, customs and beliefs - even if they are not compatible with Western values of freedom and tolerance.

aren't racist. No racism here, friend, it's just someone pointing out the fact that professionals will have a hard time finding work if they want to live in Canada without being fluent in English. And I guess included in "a professional trying to find work" is "a woman just trying to get a fucking hot chocolate." Totally the same thing. What's complicated about that?

Or how about this one:

So you have no problem bitching and whining to a newspaper yet you can't find a way to say "coffee", right? Kiss my ass. Oh wait, hear that? It's Olivia Chow to the rescue!!! She sees another opportunity to drop an "r" bomb and get cheap sleazy media exposure.


All this made-up racism!

Or how about the ol' "But they're totally worse!" argument?

As a peace offering to it's valued Chinese customers McDonalds plans to offer a new Shark McFin sandwich.


Get it? Because all Chinese people in Canada are rich socialites who've come to squeeze the housing market for all it's worth and eat Shark Fin Soup and we're so much better. Even though our mastery of the English language doesn't extend to an understanding of how possessives work.

Or just the usual "learn the language!" shit:

quit whining and learn how to speak english

You live in Canada. Learn to speak one of the official languages proficiently.
How is it that people are allowed in when they cant speak one of the official languages
This is not a racial issue. Its common sense.

English or French
Pick one
Learn it
Meanwhile stop whining that your failure to do what you should have done before your flight here is someone elses fault.


I remind you, again, that she conducted her interview about this in English. But if all else fails:

Deport !

I know what you're saying — "But Pope, literally every person in Canada who is not full Aboriginal comes from a line of people who were all, at one point, immigrants to this country. Oh, you poor ducks — they were white immigrants. That makes it so, so different.

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