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Racist Coworkers Part 2

So we have someone starting a high-level supervisor position for a client. Employee in question hasn't worked here in the US but was working for high-level positions in Mexico with international and speaks English quite fluently.

My boss (who is on my side) told him we had to get some paperwork filled out and bring in two copies of ID's to keep on file. He made copies of his license and his immigration/visa/work card (I didn't see it and we rarely have non citizens work for us so I don't know what card it was). He did so was perfectly pleasant, very happy to start a position and dressed very well (warehouse supervising in general much more lax on clothes than say an accountant).


The receptionist (who I normally get along with) is up in arms he hasn't worked in the US before and is ready to launch a full-scale investigation. My boss just rolled her eyes, and I felt my jaw getting tight. Finally I couldn't contain it and said "How come you didn't immediately want to check the girl from Canada a couple months ago?"

I just can't with this place anymore.

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