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Mexador currently works at a gun shop in the Northeast and he likes it. He likes shooting at the range, hunting, and historical weapons. But those shops do attract exactly the kind of customer you’d think. And he’s Mexican, passing for white.

Last night, he’s talking disaster preparedness and guns with a customer, who starts saying that he’s part of a community that Mexador would be a good fit for. They like to meet up, go shooting, talk about things. It’s important to have community, with all the immigrants coming in. With perfect timing, a black cop Mexador is friendly with comes up and greets him “Wassup, my Mexican brother?”

Customer’s head swivels. Mexador tells him his name, a common Latino name. Customer slinks away.


The racism Mexador sees can really get to him, especially since his father is an immigrant. He’s refused sales to people who crack jokes about hunting along the border. But sometimes you just have to laugh.

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