Hi y’all! I’ve been super busy lately, but it’s early and I can post real quick.

School is nice-but my constant doubt is leading me to believe I screwed up on homework. However, I do like it. We’re finishing up contracts. I like contracts. Specifically, writing clauses that deal with what happens if you break a federal law. And how long the punishment is.

On the other hand-I have moths. Big, scary, panic inducing moths. I’ve been nagging management to fix it-which I hope they will-bought chemicals (That they should spray because those chemicals seem very poisonous), and not really sleeping. Fuck moths. You don’t know fear until you see those fuckers. Oh, and my phobia of insects is just getting more extreme. Only reason living alone kinda sucks.

I love living in the city. Everything is within walking distance, everything is great. I’m making a lot of new friends. One of my old friends is close by, which is nice. Another nice thing: Some friends who hate said old friend are no longer in my life. It really sucked having to constantly hear them bitch about her. Sorry, off topic.

Mixed bag-but, suffice to say, the good outweighs the bad.

OH and one more thing: I can SO rock a catsuit. Not posting the pic, because it’s on my social media (Private, because jobs), but it’s on my Instagram (Will post handle if anyone wants to follow.) I almost bought it.