Someone just posted this article on FB. This is a person I really like and respect but this article is making me rage so hard.

The issue is while I agree with some of the points the person is making anytime something negative about vaccines is mentioned it just adds more fire to the crazy peoples arguments. That's not to say every criticism of vaccines is wrong or off base, there are issues to be discussed. We have to be so careful in how it's done though.

Here's the essay long response I left for the person, ignore spelling and grammar mistakes. I have a hard time catching them when I'm raging.

"Sorry. Had to weigh in here. While I understand what this person is saying, and agree with some of it, these type of articles set a very dangerous precedent. People who are anti-vaccine will grab onto anything they can to try to discredit vaccinations. Statements like this have to be approached with extreme caution as many people will take something like this to mean that all vaccines should be questioned.

As to mass vaccination, opposition to it as a whole is wrong and dangerous. It is exactly this principle that has allowed us to get where we are in the control of infectious diseases. Without mass vaccination campaigns Polio and Smallpox would still be common disease. Statements like these from scientists are dangerous and scary. Of course I support research into potential bad reactions by certain people and I absolutely think this is an important area of research but we can't abandon mass vaccination in the mean time.

Finally, this instance may be one of the times I fully and completely supporting following the advice and recommendations of Dr. and health professionals fully. There is a simple reason for this. They are experts. They know more about this then you or I do and there is a reason they are telling parents a certain thing. A very important reason. It works. Now I'm not saying people should do their own research and be informed, they absolutely should but that research shouldn't trump the recommendations of the top infectious disease researchers and Dr. in the world. Whew...Sorry for the long reply. This is a issue near and dear to me and something I hope to work in after graduating"