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My brother-in-law is autistic, bi-polar, and suffers from anxiety (and 17-years-old). He also only speaks to family members (me and the other in-law sometimes, but not usually). He’s basically been on the brink of a psychotic break since the vote Thursday because their family relies on Medicaid and he follows politics very closely. In fact, his every episode seems to be directly related to politics in this time - which is something I can relate to, but he seems to not have the power to disconnect or zone out like the rest of us do.

Last night he was running around with a knife telling his mother he was going to kill himself. His mother, unable to get him in the car to go to be admitted to the hospital, ended up calling the police*. She has done this before to get him taken to the hospital.

The police arrived and he had calmed down and they basically told my mother-in-law they thought she was making shit up. They left, and my BiL was calm but my MiL decided not to sleep in case he woke up and started up again. Well, he did around 4am, and she called the police a second time, and they arrested HER. Then they left him alone at the house, despite the fact she’s saying he was going to hurt himself, like screaming and crying hysterically. WTF?! They took my MiL away and luckily my SFiL (stepfather in law) arrived home from work very shortly thereafter and was able to take care of BiL and go get his wife out of jail.


My MiL just got released this morning. It seems like there will be no charges but I am absolutely outraged.

*I honestly don’t know what the right move here was so I’m not criticizing this decision itself. Although I’m sure she won’t do it again.


ETA - good news, just got word BiL was (willingly) admitted for observation to the hospital. Well that’s one way to convince him...

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